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New Back Squat PR.

I just finished a squat strength cycle at CrossFit Gof Metgot. The last strength portion was a one rep max back squat. The heaviest weight I have been able to squat was 255 lbs. I managed to hit 305 lbs. I tried for 315 but the fatigue caught up with me and I tweaked my lower back.

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Hello, my name is Nick and I'm from Guam. I'm an avid gamer and functional fitness exerciser. I'm not great at either but I do my best. I would describe myself as a huge nerd since I love most things you would find in typical nerd culture. I started doing CrossFit at CrossFit Gof Metgot in 2013 as a way to get my weight under control. I decided to change my exercise habits to lose that excess weight and be more fit. Hopefully my story inspires people to try out CrossFit.


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