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CrossFit Open 15.4: Death to Shoulders

When Dave Castro announced 15.4 I was excited. I've become more proficient at hand stand push-ups (HSPUs) and my cleans have been getting a lot better. My goal for this workout was three rounds and I was confident I would make it there. While my score of twenty one is short of my three round goal, I'm not disappointed. I did my best, and I left it all on the floor.

My shoulders gave out at three reps into round three and I couldn't push anymore. I got a few no reps because my heels didn't touch the wall or I didn't lock out. I finished the round with six reps. If I had paced better and made those no-reps count, I would have finished three rounds. More HSPU work as well as overhead press work is needed to strengthen my shoulders. Surprisingly the cleans were not too bad. 185 lbs. is about 90% of my 1 rep max, and I managed to power clean five out of six reps and squat clean the last rep.

Predictions for 15.5?
A chipper style workout is all that's left in the typical programming for the open. Dave Castro may change it up but it's doubtful. He will probably add a twist which is what i'm afraid/excited about. With only burpees, thrusters, box jumps and rowing left in the movement list the workout will consist if most if not all of them. He may even combine some like burpee box jumps or clean thrusters (clusters). I'm excited for this weeks announcement, and hopefully I will be good enough to RX the workout. 

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Hello, my name is Nick and I'm from Guam. I'm an avid gamer and functional fitness exerciser. I'm not great at either but I do my best. I would describe myself as a huge nerd since I love most things you would find in typical nerd culture. I started doing CrossFit at CrossFit Gof Metgot in 2013 as a way to get my weight under control. I decided to change my exercise habits to lose that excess weight and be more fit. Hopefully my story inspires people to try out CrossFit.


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