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Lift Heavy and Level Up!

My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): February 8 - February 14


Back Squat - 6x2 at 80% (285 lb.)

Started Monday with some back squats. I was able to complete all six sets at 285 lb. I didn't want to let up on the weight. Sets went by quickly and I felt great. Another session in the books. 


EMOM - 14 minutes

6 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
Max effort burpees

This workout was a lot harder than expected. The clean and jerks were going to be rough especially since 135 lb. is about 66% of my max. The target number for burpees was eight, which is going to be difficult as time goes on. First six minutes of the workout went great. I was finishing the clean and jerks quickly, under 30 seconds and the burpees would be done just as fast. After that, my burpee count dropped to about 5-7 reps a minute. I completed the clean and jerks, until about the ninth minute. I completed 3-5 reps for the remainder of the workout.


Back Squat - 3x3 at 95% (335 lb.)

Sticking with back squats, the percentages are higher today. Usually we do this session a week before we max out. I only did one set at 335 lb. due to time. I was able to hit my old three rep max of 305 lb. right before this PR!

Partner WOD

Roy - 5 rounds

15 deadlifts (195 lb.)
20 box jumps (24 in.)
25 pull ups

I partnered up with my fiance for this workout and we split the work evenly. I decided to not do the workout at 225 lb. I didn't want to put too much strain on my lower back because of the heavy back squats. The workout was great but I slowed down on the pull ups. I was able to finish all the other movements unbroken except for the pull ups. I finished the workout at 15:38


Back Squat - 6x2 at 80% (285 lb.)

Maintenance squat day. I felt great during the reps and my knee felt better. We should be maxing out next week. 


Recovery WOD - rest 1 minute after each interval

4x400m run

The first 400 m had to be finished under 2:00. If you didn't you had to scale the distance. I kept a good pace and finished at 1:55. After the first interval I was unable to finish under 2:00 and ended the last interval with a time of 2:20.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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Hello, my name is Nick and I'm from Guam. I'm an avid gamer and functional fitness exerciser. I'm not great at either but I do my best. I would describe myself as a huge nerd since I love most things you would find in typical nerd culture. I started doing CrossFit at CrossFit Gof Metgot in 2013 as a way to get my weight under control. I decided to change my exercise habits to lose that excess weight and be more fit. Hopefully my story inspires people to try out CrossFit.


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