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Open Workout 16.2: I Can't Feel My Legs (Update)

I redid the workout yesterday and improved by one rep. I was short of round two by five seconds! I messed up once on the double unders and the toes to bar were a bit harder than last time. I'm happy that I improved but I wish it was by more than one rep. Recovery took just as long, I was wrecked. Hope your 16.2 went better than mine. 

Workout 16.2

25 toes-to-bar
50 double unders
15 squat cleans (135 lb.)

If the athlete finished the round under four minutes, they would get an additional four minutes added to their total time for the next round. The weight for the cleans would increase but the reps would decrease. Open workout 16.2 is a deceptively hard workout. Going into it, I wanted to get to round three but I wasn't able to finish round one. 

I broke up the toes-to-bars (t2b) into sets of five with about five seconds of rest in between. I wasn't able to complete the last five reps unbroken, instead going with a set of three and singles. I finished the t2b and started on the double unders. I finished the double unders unbroken surprisingly, and spent a few seconds catching my breath before moving on the the cleans. This is where it goes downhill. 

The weight wasn't heavy but I wasn't ready for the reps. I didn't do any touch and go, and opted to do them in singles. After 10 reps my quads were on fire, which tells me that I need to work on my form. I hit the four minute mark at the 13th reps of the cleans. I'm not sure if I'm going to redo this workout. It was rough, and it took me over 10 minutes to recover. I really want to make it to the second round however. I'll update this post if I decide to redo it. Good luck everyone.

Lift Heavy and Level Up! 

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