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Open Workout 16.4: Glutes on Fire!

We're close to the end of the open with two more workouts to go and this workout is no joke.

Workout 16.4 - AMRAP 13 Minutes
55 deadlifts (225 lb.)
55 wall balls (20 lb.)
55 row (cals.)
55 hand stand push ups

My first reaction after Dave Castro's mic drop was, "my back is going to get destroyed". 225 lb. is about 54% of my 1RM but I didn't take it lightly. I was hoping to at least make it off the rower but I wasn't sure what to expect. I decided to do this workout Friday and then redo it on Monday if I didn't like my score.

After a short warm up. I started the WOD. I decided to break up the deadlifts into sets of five. This strategy worked great until the last 10 reps. My back as a bit fatigued and I could feel my hamstrings tighten as well. I powered through and made it to the wall balls. I decided to break up the wall balls into sets of 10. I'm better at wall balls than deadlifts so I figured sets of 10 would be okay. The first round was good, I was able to hit ten reps before my first break. Then I started to get no repped. The ball wouldn't hit above the line or the ball wouldn't hit the wall at all. I took about 20 seconds to rest and refocus and started again. This time I only did sets of 5 with a short rest in between. This worked fine for the rest of the reps in this round.

I was exhausted by the time I got to the rower. I strapped in and started on my row but it was tough. My pace was between 800 cals/hr - 1000 cals/hr. I'm usually able to keep a pace above 1000 cals/hr but I wasn't able to during this workout. I struggled and by the 13th minute I was only able to complete 41 calories. I was short of my goal by 14 calories. I unstrapped my feet and slumped to the floor.

With my total score of 151 reps, I'm not sure if I want to redo this workout. It was difficult but the deadlifts did take a toll on me. If I can recover by Monday I'll consider redoing it. I really want to get off the rower! Hope your 16.4 attempt goes better than mine.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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