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Lift Heavy and Level Up!

My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): August 8 - August 14

I didn't post a workout for the prior week since I didn't go to the gym. I took that time to work on wedding stuff and rest. I felt great going into the gym on Wednesday.


Overhead Squat - Find Your 1RM

I was able to PR this lift! I warmed up to 155 lb. and worked up to 210 lb. The weight wasn't bad and I probably could have went another 5-10 lb. heavier but we ran out of time. Also, my wrist and forearm were starting to hurt so I took a break and stretched it out.

WOD - Open Workout 13.4

AMReps in 7 minutes

3 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
3 toes to bar
6 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
6 toes to bar
9 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
9 toes to bar
12 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
12 toes to bar
15 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
15 toes to bar
18 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
18 toes to bar

I heard this workout was tough and I could see why. The clean and jerk weight wasn't too heavy but the toes to bar were going to kill me. I was able to keep a steady pace until the round of nine. The clean and jerk were getting heavier and I had to do them in sets of three. I would take about 15 to 30 seconds of rest in between sets. The toes to bar were a lot slower. I would do about two reps at a time. My abs would cramp up and it was harder to string more than two reps together. I finished 9 toes to bar by the end of seven minutes. 


Snatch Complex - Find heavy 1 rep

Power snatch + 2 overhead squats

I was still a bit weary of this workout since my wrist and forearm problems have been flaring up. I also do not like doing overhead squats with my snatch grip. Thankfully, I didn't have any issues during this workout and I managed to PR my snatch. I was able to complete this complex at 165 lb. which is a 10 lb. PR. I attempted to snatch 175 lb. but was unable to get under the weight. I can feel another PR coming!

Partner WOD - 15 Minute AMRAP

9 push press (115 1b.)
6 front squat (115 1b.)
3 power snatch (115 1b.)

We broke up the work into alternating rounds and I started first. The original weight was 135 lb. but I wasn't able to power snatch it. I was too tired so we stripped the weight down to 115 lb. which was manageable. The first few rounds were great. The push press, front squat were unbroken and the power snatch were done in fast singles. I started to slow down on the push press and power snatch. I would do about six reps and then rest the bar on my shoulders before finishing the reps. I would take more rest between snatches. It was tough but we managed to complete 10 rounds in 15 minutes.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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Hello, my name is Nick and I'm from Guam. I'm an avid gamer and functional fitness exerciser. I'm not great at either but I do my best. I would describe myself as a huge nerd since I love most things you would find in typical nerd culture. I started doing CrossFit at CrossFit Gof Metgot in 2013 as a way to get my weight under control. I decided to change my exercise habits to lose that excess weight and be more fit. Hopefully my story inspires people to try out CrossFit.


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