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Miniature Mondays: Bastion Seneschal & Warmachine Battle Report

Managed to get some work done on the Bastion Seneschal. Painted some base coats on the pauldrons and leg plates. Did some clean up work with metallics as well. Need to finish up base coats on these pieces before I can move on to highlighting.

A few months ago Rodel and I filmed a 50 pt Warmachine game. It's a Protectorate of Menoth vs Cryx match. Check out the Limitless Fails YouTube channel for more wargaming videos. I will also be posting our other videos here as well. 

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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Hello, my name is Nick and I'm from Guam. I'm an avid gamer and functional fitness exerciser. I'm not great at either but I do my best. I would describe myself as a huge nerd since I love most things you would find in typical nerd culture. I started doing CrossFit at CrossFit Gof Metgot in 2013 as a way to get my weight under control. I decided to change my exercise habits to lose that excess weight and be more fit. Hopefully my story inspires people to try out CrossFit.


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