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Miniature Mondays: "Meat the Butchers" My Guild Ball Team

Meat the Butchers

In addition to Warmachine models that I need to paint, I also picked up a Guild Ball team. I was tempted to pick up the Alchemists or Engineers but the Butchers spoke to me. I wanted to play a team that was more melee focused and straight forward. Here are some pictures of my models before they get a coat of primer. Hopefully I can finish a few of them and start on more Warmachine models.

First model on deck is going to be Boar. He's an awesome model, rules wise and his sculpt looks sweet. That huge cleaver is going to do some damage! I'm not sure what the paint scheme is going to be but I really like the Protectorate of Menoth colors. I didn't want to stray from colors I like so I might go with that.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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